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Dix Septembre
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Since 2010, Dix Septembre supports companies in the valorization of their research and innovation activities in mainland France, overseas France and more generally within the European Union (Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium...). From startup to large group, she is involved in all stages of the business life cycle.

Led by Emmanuel Cognet and Julien Bouteiller, Dix Septembre achieves a turnover of 3 M€ in 2019.

Doctors or engineers, Dix Septembre consultants have the skills to intervene in all sectors of activity: aeronautics, agribusiness, building, mechanics, electronics, IT, finance, consulting, training...

Dix Septembre wants to be a human scale cabinet. Each client has a consultant, a sales contact and a coordinator responsible for his file.


Dix Septembre has the OPQCM certification that attests to the professionalism, competence and know-how of the qualified consulting firm and prejudges a relationship of trust between client and provider.

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Through the Research Tax Credit (CIR in french), France subsidizes research expenses eligible for up to 30% in metropolitan France and 50% in France overseas. Credited, mobilized, returned or prefinanced, the research tax credit is a great source of financing for companies of all sizes and sectors. What is the condition to benefit from this grant? Conduct tax-eligible research projects, which companies often do ... without knowing it.

Innovation Tax


Only applicable to SMEs, the Innovation Tax Credit (CII in french) subsidizes 20% of the expenses necessary for the design and / or production of prototypes or pilot installations for a new product. Born in 2013, this device is particularly well suited to companies in the digital sector. It works as soon as a company puts on its market a new material or immaterial good presenting superior performance on a technical, ergonomic, functional or eco-design level.




The Young Innovative Company  status (JEI in french) favors the creation of companies carrying out R&D work by making them benefit

from a reduction in their tax and social security contributions.
The companies must be less than eight years old and have a minimum amount of research expenditure (15% of tax deductible expenses). They are independent and really new. The Young University Company status (JEU in french), cousin of the JEI status, concerns startups created by students, recent graduates, teachers or researchers who have established a link with a higher education institution. JEI and JEU are statutes aimed at helping businesses to get through the first years of their development.

Public subsidies

There are many public subsidies depending on the size, the development stage, the location, the activity of a company. Dix Septembre helps companies to select the most relevant devices and supports them in the management of their European (H2020), national (FUI, BPI, ANR, PSPC ...) or regional financing projects.

The financing then proposed is mainly in the form of public subsidies for priming, guarantee and innovation.



Dix Septembre consulting engineers have held positions of technical direction, quality, production... These experiences help them to generate new ideas for

Dix Septembre's customers, organize their innovation process or product development, measure innovation, and support their leaders

to produce new and innovative thinking.

Dix Septembre


At the request of its French customers with subsidiaries in Europe, Dix Septembre began to intervene in other European countries (Poland, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium ...). Our experience in identifying and promoting R&D projects now comes in Polish, German, Italian, English ...

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